Rubynu—A scaffold generator for ruby projects

Creating my preferred scaffolding for new ruby projects by hand has gotten old. Sure, there are tools out there like bundler’s bundle gem to do this for you, but they aren’t flexible enough to meet everybody’s preferences. I want something as flexible as my tastes are fickle, something I can change the template to on a whim.

So, I built rubynu. It’s a Thor script that leans heavily on Thor’s directory templating abilities. Thor is amazing for this kind of generator: instead of building everything programatically, you can define an entire directory template—using erb templating for file contents, file names, and even directory structure. This kind of template makes it stupid easy to add new files, or to do any number of structural changes to it without touching the script itself. By Thor’s Hammer!

Currently, rubynu builds a project with the standard structure:


It also sets up rspec, with a spec_helper, .rspec, and a pending spec; RVM with an .rvmrc; git with a .gitignore; as well as some useful scaffolded code.

For usage, installation instructions, and to view the source, check out rubynu on github.